10 Tips for Professional Speakers – 50 heads is better than one!

brainstorming techniques, brainstorming ideas, using linkedinI conduct training seminars.  It can be ebb and flow.  I reached ebb and decided to reach out to my Linkedin connections and forge a massive brain storm.  Well, as great fortune would have it, I am connected to some of the most awesome, brightest minds in the world!  Out of 1,500 of my Linkedin connections, 50 had very dynamic ideas for me to try.  The response is not bad given the Memorial Day weekend.  Reaching out to your Linkedin network for ideas is a great brainstorming technique!

Although feedback is still coming in, so far, I have developed a 10 page checklist of organizations to connect with; people to contact; and things to do.  It’s very exciting!

My daughter complains that I am always looking for things to get into.   She says I am very, very good at creating work for us all.  Well, if you are like me and want to stir things up, just reach out to folks in your network for ideas and tips for business.

Here is an overview of my 10 pages of notes.  Many of these things I already do.  Some, I have to work on.   Here are 10 Tips for Professional Speakers:

  1. Have both a Speaker One Sheet document and a Speaker web page that is easy to view from mobile devices.   Be sure to showcase yourself as a really dynamic, entertaining speaker!
  2. Even if you can teach a variety of topics, develop an overall theme.  People like to categorize speakers into niches.
  3. Be ready to share video links of past speaking engagements.
  4. Join speakers’ bureaus and speakers’ associations.

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By Clovia Hamilton, President

Lemongrass Consulting Inc.


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2 Responses to “10 Tips for Professional Speakers – 50 heads is better than one!”

  1. Tommi Tuuri Says:

    50 votes are really a lot,well no doubt that you gave us a pretty excellent tips that we will use.Glad you share it to us.

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