Having a spotter in business development!

business and developmentI recently watched Mark Wahlberg’s movie Shooter “again”.  I really like that one!

It reminds me of business development.  You know, you really should not go it alone.  There should be a business development team.

For any one deal you are going after, it would be neat to have a spotter.  In the movie Shooter, actor Mark Wahlberg’s character is a sniper and he loss his spotter.  It was his good friend and military comrade.  So, he recruited actor Mike Pena as his spotter.

In business development, it would be neat to have  a spotter to tell you what’s out their with respect to business competitive intelligence.  The spotter was the sniper’s look out man.  He’d say:

  • You’ve gotta get out of there!
  • Incoming …2 o’clock!
  • Their right in front of you!
  • They’re all over the place!

Not to make light of military maneuvers. but it would be really cool to have folks in settings like government agency prebid meetings or competitive pitch interviews to tell you what the prospects’ staff and what your competition is up to… competitive intelligence.

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By Clovia Hamilton, President of Lemongrass Consulting Inc.

(c) 2014. All Rights Reserved. Lemongrass Consulting Inc.


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