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November 20, 2013

business, business development, business strategy, entrepreneuralism, small business I watched the movie X-Men last night on AMC. I love the character Wolverine! The wolverine animals are solitary small, ferocious bears that have more strength than they appear to have. I just love this because it reminds me of many small businesses.

At the end of the day, small businesses carry the US economy. We are small but potent.

Here are five (5) business tips we can learn from the X-Men movie:

1. Wolverine is one of the outcast mutants that Professor Xavier pulls together as members of X-Men. Wolverine has the ability to heal himself. He is resilient.

To be successful in business, business owners have to have a thick skin. They have to be tough and resilient. If we do not meet our goals or get burned by others, we should try to heal ourselves when we are wounded and move forward. I personally turn to God in prayer. Having the wherewith all to turn to God is a form of self-healing and preservation.

2. In the movie, the mutant Rogue was able to heal herself if she held onto Wolverine and transferred his healing powers to herself. However, this nearly killed Wolverine.

In my opinion, business owners can learn from this that while we may want to help and heal others, doing so may lead to our own demise if we let others pull us down and sap all of our energy. Read more at:


July 9, 2013

business development, business strategy, small business, judi dench, skyfall bond The Bond movie Skyfall came out on DVD back in February of this year. I did not get a chance to watch it until this weekend. I absolutely loved it. The entrepreneur in me made note of the following business lessons I gleaned from the movie:

1. Regret is unprofessional

The Character “M” played by actress Judi Dench was asked to show remorse toward a business decision she made which adversely impacted a former subordinate and sworn enemy. M replied, “regret is unprofessional”.

It’s a line that begs reflection. In my opinion, it is the truth. According to the Webster dictionary, to regret is to mourn the loss of; be very sorry for mistakes; or to miss very much. These are time wasters. M pointed out that as professionals, if we are professional, we make the best decisions and calls we know how at the time. That’s not to state that we should not learn from our mistakes. We learn and move on! To baste in regret is to be stuck and in business, there is no time for that.

2. Beware of Information Technology

IT is wonderful in that it can save time and money. But, it can also be very, very dangerous.


By Clovia Hamilton, President
Lemongrass Consulting Inc.

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