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Because we’ve always done it this way!

May 29, 2014

organization change management, leading change, leadershipWe offered a webinar in partnership with Atlanta Technical College awhile ago entitled “Leading Change”. ¬†Someone on Facebook asked what is “Leading Change”… what is that all about?

Well, here’s my response:

“Business leaders must be prepared for constant changes in its people, technology, information processing, communication, and competition. ¬†A business may be experiencing pressures of natural changes or may want to plan for change in its:

  • people
    • culture
    • structure
    • relationships
  • technology
    • need for better systems
    • social media tools
  • information processing
    • data collection
    • order handling
  • communication¬†

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By Clovia Hamilton, MBA JD President of Lemongrass Consulting, Inc.

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